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What are Fillers?

Fillers do what their name suggests. They "fill". Why do we need filling? Many times, it is because we have missing volume on our body, which needs filling. For example, missing volume on our cheeks, nose, chin and even breast. Fillers can make dramatic differences to the look of a person. A good example is this lady who had hyaluronic acid fillers injected to her nose. The difference is immediate (photo was taken immediately after the procedure), and there was no downtime at all.

Why do we need fillers and where can fillers be injected?

Fillers For Aging Face

The aging face loses a lot of volume. When we are younger we often berate the excess fats on our cheeks, thinking it makes us look chubby. As we grow older, these fats are lost, and our face deflates like a balloon. Loss of cheek fats is apparent in many people approaching the age of 40, but can happen as early as our early 30s. The picture below shows a female who had classical signs of midface volume loss. The cheeks are deflated, and as a result, the midface sags, leading to deep lines in the nasolabial groove (the laughter lines joining the nose to the corner of the mouth).

After hyaluronic acid fillers are injected in the cheek and in the laughter lines, the cheeks and laughter lines are less obviously sagging and the face is rejuvenated. Approximately 4 cc of filler was required in this case. This clearly demonstrates the amount of volume lost from our face as we age! In addition, fillers can be used to fill in deep wrinkles, and grooves created after long years of frowning for example.

Chin Filler

In Asians and especially Singaporeans, we suffer from a problem of having a short chin. The ideal facial proportion obeys the rule of thirds: One third from the forehead hairline to the lowest point on the nose bridge, one-third to the nose tip, and one third to the tip of the chin. This ideal proportion is shown on this picture below:

However, many Asians, in particular Chinese, do not have long enough chins to satisfy this ideal proportion. The result is a roundish face, which while it may appear "cute", may not be desired by many men and women. The solution is to elongate the chin, using fillers or implants. For example in this lady below, the chin was elongated using chin fillers (hyaluronic acid filler).

Notice that the chin is now much sharper and daintier, which is a highly sought after "guazi-lian" (melon seed shaped face) look. Having a longer chin also helps to reduce the appearance of a double-chin, which is evident from the side view. Notice that a much more elegant chin profile has been created.

Breast Filler

Ever wanted to have a cup size larger breasts? In the past, the only solution was to have breast implants. Currently, the most minimally invasive solution is to inject a small amount of filler into the space behind the breast tissue. This pushes the breast tissues forwards and creates a natural looking enhancement to the breast. This procedure is popular because of the low (almost no-) downtime and the simplicity of the procedure, which does not require any anaesthesia and leaves no scars.

Popularity of Fillers

Fillers are the perfect complement to Botox. Between the two, it is possible to achieve a huge improvement to any face without having to resort to surgery. This means that there is virtually no downtime, no scars except for small injection points, and hardly any pain. In the past, filler injections were painful affairs. With the advent of newer techniques for anaesthesia and also the formulation of fillers with lidocaine, a local anesthetic agent, injecting of fillers has become easier and more pain free than ever.

Current day filler injection is easier for the patient to tolerate. Usually, what happens is numbing cream or ice is applied to the area to numb it before the needle is introduced. Very fine needles means that the pain of the injection is hardly noticeable. Once the filler is injected, the numbing due to the formulated local anaesthetic reduces pain of the injection, making it extremely tolerable.

More and more people are opting for the simplicity of filler injections over conventional plastic surgery. The popularity of fillers has spread and now even men are getting in on the act. A good example of a popular filler injection for men is the nose filler, which gives men a stronger and more "macho" look.

From the side, it is apparent that the bridge of the nose is raised and is now straighter and stronger than before.


ther applications There are so many more reasons why fillers are good solutions to looking better. Do explore this informative site and leave us your feedback at

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