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Fillers on the Body


The body is a place where fillers are commonly placed. The commonest area is the breast, but almost as commonly fillers are placed in the hands, buttocks and even on the abdominal muscles to create a six-pack appearance.


If you desire a small enhancement to your breast, and are too scared to go for surgery, then breast fillers may be the solution for you. Breast fillers come in many different types. The commonest are Aqualift, Hyacorp and Macrolane. Aqualift is a polymer filler, which is thought to last anywhere between 3 to 5 years. Hyacorp and Macrolane are hyaluronic acid fillers which are claimed to last between 18 to 12 months respectively. Breast fillers are injected via a long thin needle inserted in the crease below the breast. They will be injected just below the breast tissue, pushing your normal breast tissue forwards. Hence the feel is quite natural and soft especially if you have at least some breast tissue to cover it. Breast fillers are injected in volumes ranging from 50 to 200 cc. Depending on the existing size of the breast, usually an average Chinese lady will require about 100cc to get from a cup A bra to a cup B size. The nice thing about fillers is that there is virtually no downtime. You can get the injection and be back at work the very next day. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also safe because the compound is naturally found under our skin, so the body knows how to deal with it. Another advantage of a short-lasting compound is that the fast dissolution of the filler means that there is less risk of the body forming what is called a granulomatous reaction, where the filler is surrounded by fibrous tissue which may be felt as lumps in the breast. Many people are apprehensive about the safety of breast fillers and whether they cause cancer, but to date, it is not shown that hyaluronic acid breast fillers can cause cancer.


To get a more shapely figure, the buttocks are sometimes augmented to get the desired perkiness. Fillers can come in handy when this is desired. Injection of 100-200 cc of fillers in the buttocks can create the impression that the butt is perky and firm.

Six pack

This is relatively uncommon, but fillers can be injected into the abdominal wall to create an artificial six-pack appearance. This is sought after especially by men who are unable to achieve the perfect six-pack despite much exercise.


The aging hands are a sign of our age, and while many people pay a lot of attention to the face, the hands are often neglected. Thus, when we stretch out our hands for a handshake, our age is immediately betrayed! The hand filler is thus important to keeping us looking younger. What this does is to plump up the thin and weak skin especially on the back of the hands. The loss of volume in the muscles and fats on the back of the hands is also replaced when a simple filler is injected here. The commonest filler used is Restylane Vital or Vital Light. This low molecular weight filler is ideal because of the ease in which it flows below the dermis of the skin and hence creates a very smooth finish.

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