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Downtime for Fillers

What to expect

After a filler treatment, what you might notice is some slight swelling around the area which was injected. This swelling is usually not obvious and can be easily concealed with cosmetics. After injection of fillers, the treated area may look slightly bigger or fuller than the final desired result. This is the result of a combination of filler plus swelling. After one or two days, the swelling usually subsides and the final result is obtained. This should be about 15-20% less than the result obtained on the day of the filler, and is usually smoother and more natural than the first day after injection. Over the next 2 to 3 weeks, fillers will soften and attain a more natural look and feel. Hence it’s important to review with the doctor after about 1 month after the injection to check the final result for symmetry, lumpiness or irregularities. Although it is not common, many times the initial swelling on the day of the filler injection may mask minor irregularities or asymmetries of the filler injected. After the swelling subsides, this may become apparent. Don’t panic! If this happens to you, the correction is usually a simple injection to touch up the minor problems. After injection, the filler is usually still soft and mouldable for the first few hours and even as long as 1 to 2 days. Hence it is important to avoid firm pressure to the filler after it is injected. It’s possible to wash the face gently or even apply cosmetics, but facial massage or hard pressing is a definite no-no. Also, because infection is one of the feared complications of fillers, it’s very important to keep the injection site very clean for the first one to two days. This means no swimming or mud wrestling immediately after fillers.

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